10K Virtual Swing Challenge

The Virtual Truth Training Swing Challenge to benefit Project MOST will be a month-long event kicking off on Monday August 3rdth, and culminating with a live event challenge on Friday September 4th


The swing challenge will be at 7am every Mon, Wed. Fri and Sat. For those, who can’t make that time we can send the workout to the person, with the hopes they can get it done that day.

The last day of the swing challenge will have be  September 4th.

The program can be for beginners as well. They can use it for their strength workouts, as we will add a few strength movements. As well for people to supplement their workouts, doing their swings on their non-strength days. The strength movements will not affect their strength gains.   The object of any challenge is to reach a goal, either 1000 or 10,000.


Week 1 will be 1200 swings in 4 workouts

Week 2 will be 1600 swings in 4 workouts

Week 3 will be 2000 swings in 4 workouts

Week 4 will be 2400 swings in 4 workouts

Week 5 will be 1800 swings in 3 workouts

Final day is 1000 swings to get us to 10,000


Men should use 24kg and women should use 16kg. Adjust as needed, but this is intended to be a difficult program. Better to use a lighter weight, than heavier.

Feel free to adjust the strength exercises as you want, but keep the reps low.



One kettlebell that is the right load for you, barefoot or minimal shoes, whiteboard or chalk ( to check off the reps)


The Entry Fee is $100 with all funds to benefit Project MOST

Check out the Flyer below for more details

1,000 Swing Challenge

Join us for a one-day-only live event on Friday September 4th

or a 1K Swing Challenge on Zoom.

Entry: $50.00 (All funds benefit Project MOST)

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